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Mobile saunas

Mobile saunas don't require a foundation, so you can decide for yourself where you will use your sauna: in the backyard, in the garden, by the lake or even on a floating platform in the lake. As the sauna has an integrated bed, it can be used on the beach or on the bathing platform. can be easily transformed ? The bed can be easily integrated into a holiday home. with a sleeping area. You can choose the size, shape, colour, window shape and interior design.




Simple and pleasant to use

Our saunas don't need foundations, so you can decide where to use them: in the backyard, in the garden, by the lake, or even on a floating platform in the lake. If you change your place of residence and want to have a sauna there, it will go with you. The integrated sunbed makes it easy to transform it into a holiday home with a sleeping area. And if you want to enjoy the pleasures of a sauna, it only takes 30-40 minutes to set up.


Baths according to your wishes

All our saunas are unique and one-of-a-kind. You can choose the size, shape, colour, shape of the windows, interior fittings. In the square and frame house models we can additionally equip you with a shower and LED lighting of your choice. And if you can't find something in our catalogue that suits you, we'll be happy to make a sauna according to your design.



Structure of sauna

Penguin sauna
Sauna in Burė
Sauna Barelis
Sauna Pentagon
Sauna Terma

Note the unique and extremely durable structure of the sauna walls. 

sienos pavyzdys

Standard sauna equipment
Baths - Barrel, Penguin, Sail, Terma, Pentagon

Structure of frame baths

Sauna Džiazas
Sauna Farmhouse
Sauna Meduza

The construction of a frame sauna is similar to the construction of a frame dwelling house.

The roofs, floors and walls of these baths are heated with 10 cm glass wool. The inside walls are lined with hardwood panelling (lime, aspen), while the outside wall is made of softwood panelling (spruce or pine).


Pirates Measurements

Standard equipment for frame baths
Sauna - Garden, Farmhouse and Med?za

ADDITIONALLY we can prepare:
LED lighting; stove fire from the front; shower with instantaneous water heater; alder panelling in the front.
On request, we can also produce other wooden sauna accessories such as shelves, bars.

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