About the team

How we work

Working tools

Our company has all the necessary infrastructure for production: a drying room, assembly halls, planing and other necessary machining facilities. The team consists of about 20 employees.

We buy all our wood from local forests. We source all our timber from our own suppliers, both softwoods such as spruce and pine and hardwoods such as aspen, linden, alder, oak and ash. Your sauna will therefore delight you with the scents of the Lithuanian forest.

Our work starts with cutting, drying, planing, moulding, splitting and sanding the wood to the required dimensions. And the whole production ends with the assembly and delivery of the sauna to you.



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Mobile saunas

The main wall of the sauna is made of Lithuanian softwood. On the outside of the main wall, an air gap of 3 cm is left from the main wall, an OSB board is placed and then the roofing is glued on.For the interior of the sauna, our craftsmen choose linden and aspen paneling. And to keep you comfortable and prevent you from accidentally freezing in the sauna, a heat-reflective film is placed between the panelling and the main wall. All our saunas are impregnated with a special spa sauna oil.