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About us

More than 17 years of experience

The wood processing company UAB ESKALADA ir Ko was established in 1997.

The wood processing company ESKALADA ir Ko UAB was established in 1997. We were the first company in Lithuania to manufacture mobile sauna houses, and we have the most experience in this field. We regularly present our products at trade fairs and international exhibitions such as "Kaziuko Fair", "Ka pasėsi...", the largest Baltic construction exhibition "RESTA" etc. Our high-quality products are trusted not only by Lithuanian and foreign customers, but also by professional sauna professionals: we are sponsors of wellness events, and we cooperate with the "Lietuvos ryto" TV show "Vantos lapas". The company's main activities: mobile saunas and holiday homes.

The main ones

The main activities in which UAB ESKALADA ir Ko specialises are the manufacture of mobile baths and holiday homes.

We are open to your suggestions

ESKALADA ir Ko's headquarters are strategically located in the middle of Lithuania, close to the railway and motorway. The company owns buildings and a large area of land. So we have unlimited opportunities for expansion. We therefore welcome business partners to join us in developing our activities or to become our representatives in foreign countries.

Why choose mobile saunas?


Save money and space

Choosing a compact mobile sauna will save you both money and space, as you can set up your relaxation area in any corner of the plot. And you can move it to another location or take it with you when needed.

Wide range of applications

Mobile saunas don't need a foundation, you can decide where to use it: in the backyard, in the garden, by the lake or even on a floating platform in the lake. With the help of a bunk bed, the sauna can be easily transformed into a holiday home with a sleeping area.


Quick resolution

Our sauna takes 30-40 minutes to set up, and the sauna itself can accommodate 6-8 people, so you can infect your friends with this leisure hobby.