The most common questions are

Depending on the number of orders, it takes between 30 days and 1.5 months to build a sauna. If the customer wishes to receive the sauna later, we deliver it at the agreed time.
Yes, we will not only make the J?s? bathhouse, but we will deliver it to you. to the address you specify throughout Lithuania and we will build it for you. at your homestead, fully prepared. for use.
Taking account? an advance payment of 30 % of the product amount is required, final payment is made upon delivery. There is a possibility to Payment can be made in cash.
Each month? The bathhouse is unique, so you can put your own ideas into the mix, and this certainly do not have to be professional drawings. Sauna interiors? and façade decoration We will be happy to adapt the interior and interior design to your needs. the construction of the farmhouse? and the surrounding nature.
Products are guaranteed for 3 years. Warranty. In case of any problems, we will come to your home. and repair the defects (except in case of fire).
The accessibility of the sauna/mobile home depends on how much you use the structure. It is recommended to use a shed as a shelter. impregnation of the walls during outdoor and indoor periods.