Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Who We Are
M?s? website address is: https://
We are aware of the particular importance of the J?s? the protection of personal data, which is why
we collect and process only those J?s? data that are necessary for the performance of our duties? activities. Personal
we process data fairly, transparently and fairly, and in a way that is consistent with the law? for predefined purposes and only
to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives. In processing personal data, we aim to,
that they be? accurate, secure, confidential, properly stored and protected. In handling your data?
personal data we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR").
? GDPR), the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Legal Protection of Personal Data, as well as
as provided for in other legislation requirements for the processing of personal data.
What is a ?is Document?
1.1 Our Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") sets out the privacy expectations for you
by using the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").
1.2. Read carefully? Privacy Policy? to understand what kind of privacy policy you have? practices?
we apply in our management of the J?s? personal data. Read? document, you will learn how
we manage J?s? personal data, i? where we receive it and what kind of personal data do you have? as an individual
data subject rights.
1.3 If you are using the Website, you have read and agreed to this Privacy Policy
and the J?s? the purposes, methods and procedures for processing personal data. If your
you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, you do not have the right to use the Site.
1.4. the term "personal data" is used in this Privacy Policy ? means any
information on which? can you be identified? directly or indirectly identify you?
Identity. Personal data includes surname, first name, date of birth, email address or e-mail address
address, location data and internet identifier, the features that are relevant to you, etc.
1.5 The Privacy Policy applies to all persons who visit the Website, including
the actions that you may take on the Site.
Who Are We?
2.1. Sitein? is managed by the owners of UAB ?Eskalada" and co.
2.2. provisions, we are yours? personal data controller.
Koki? Principle? We are in time?
3.1. personal data, we will: a) comply with the applicable law. and applicable? legal
(b) we will manage your data in accordance with the requirements of the law, including the GDPR personal data lawfully,
(c) we will elect J?s? personal data in specified, clear
for general and legitimate purposes and we will not further process data that is incompatible with those purposes,
(d) we will take all the measures, to the extent permitted by law d. (d) take measures to verify that

personal data which are not precise or explicit, in the context of the ? j? the purposes of the processing, be it?
immediately corrected, supplemented, suspended, or processing or destruction; e) we will keep
them in such a form that it? identity? be? can be established no longer than is necessary for those
for the purposes for which the personal data are processed; f) we will not provide personal data?
to third parties and we will not disclose them, except in the cases specified in the Privacy Policy
or legal act? in the cases specified; g) we will check that YOUR? your personal data are not included in the personal data?
processed in such a way that, by appropriate technical or organisational measures, they can be
the adequate security of personal data has been verified by means of a security scan? against data?
unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss,
destruction or damage.
How do we choose them? Personal Data?
4.1. personal data received in the following ways: a) where your personal data
the data you provide to us. You provide us with your personal data when you provide
you can ask us questions on the Website, communicate with us by phone, e-mail. When you get in touch
contact us by letter, e-mail or telephone, we will arrange an appointment or a chat.
data; b) when you use the Website. When you use the Site, certain
information (e.g. IP address, type of Internet browser used, number of visits)
The number of pages read on the Site, the number of pages viewed on the Site, the time spent on the Site,
demographic data and, if you arrived ? Site? i? the third party website ? page
URL link) is collected automatically; c) when J?s? personal data by legal act? and (or)
In accordance with the procedures set out in this Privacy Policy, we receive i? other? person.
4.2 Can we combine i? J?s? the personal data we have received with the data we have? take?
collected i? other? public or accessible? ?altini?. For example, J?s? the personal data provided
can we combine it with data obtained through the website? cookies,
the data collected when you submit your measurements? services, or with i? third parties? personal law
In exercising your rights, you may always request the rectification of the data obtained.
false personal data.
Which J?s? What data do we process and for what purposes?
5.1. we process personal data for the following purposes: a) sale? and services? quality
for the purpose of verification, i.e. to answer ? J?s? the questions that you put to us
Svetain?je, d?l m?s? product, solution? or service. You provide us with your personal
data when you share it with us or communicate with us? customer service team
by telephone, by submitting your complaints about the Site or ours? provided? services. For you
if you contact us by letter, e-mail or telephone, we will save your registration data.
For which purpose is personal data processed: ? Categories of data: name, surname, email address
address, telephone number, details when you make a request to us? What are your contact details? products,
a solution? or service? e. by post (e.g. text message, etc.) or by telephone (e.g. telephone
date, time and duration of conversation, etc.) ? legal basis for processing: your? consent,
also for the masses? a legitimate interest in evaluating the feedback of its customers, with a view to improving the quality of our services? performance
and provide? services? quality, ? term of data processing: 1 year from the date of your request of the request
the day we are trusted. b) for the purpose of direct marketing in order to provide you with offers,
news and information about our work, related to us? persons and partners? goods and
(or) services. Personal data processed for this purpose: ? categories of data: name,
name, email address, ? legal basis for processing: your? consent, ?

Data processing period: 3 years from the date of your? of your consent to us or until
you do not revoke your consent in the manner set out in paragraph 6.7 of this Privacy Policy. c)
for the purpose of verifying the functionality of the website, as well as for the purpose of to improve it, to send you
better services tailored to you. When you use the Website, certain data
transmitted to us automatically after Jesus? your visit to the Website. This data is in order to
real impersonal? information used to improve the content and functionality of the Site. and
attractive. For more information, please see section 7 of this Privacy Policy.
5.2. We have not failed to provide and process Your? special? category? personal data,
disclosure? J?s? rasin? ethnicity, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs
beliefs or membership? professional associations, as well as health data or data
about J?s? sexual? life? and sexuality? orientation. In the event that your use of the Site, or
you provide us with this data by any other means (letter, e-mail, telephone), it will be deemed that
These data were provided to J?s? with their consent. Accordingly, we will provide you with the following? data at
we will manage it together with the other J?s? data provided by you in the Privacy Policy 5.1.
in the cases referred to in point (b).
5.3. Can we combine i? J?s? the personal data we have received with the data we have? taken from?
collected i? other? public or accessible? ? (e.g. J?s? the personal data provided by us
we may combine with data obtained through the use of cookies on the Website or with i? third parties?
in the exercise of your rights, you can always
require the rectification of erroneous personal data.
Do We Use Them? Personal Data for Direct Marketing?
6.1 Yes, we can use it? personal data for the purpose of direct marketing to,
to provide you with offers, news and information? about our website, contact us
related? person and partner? goods and/or services which, in our view in our opinion, can be You
of interest. Still, J?s? personal data will only be used for this purpose by us with the additional consent of
with their agreement.
6.2. personal data specified in the Privacy Policy
5.1 (b).
6.3 You can choose whether you allow us to use you? to use your personal data directly
for marketing purposes. You can do this in the contact form by ticking the checkbox.
?I consent to the use of my data for marketing purposes."
6.4. to process data for direct marketing purposes, you also grant
permission? for the purpose of contacting you by means of communication (e.g. e-mail, telephone,
short message service (SMS)) or other means of communication (e.g. Skype, Viber and
6.5 Can we combine the musts? information? about you with third parties? personal information we hold
so that we can provide you with offers and news.
6.6. to use YOURs? personal data for direct marketing
purposes, we can use it? personal data for our website, advertising and market
investigations? to analyse and improve the effectiveness of the survey and for other marketing and sales purposes.
In this case, we will use impersonalised J?s? data.

6.7 Even if you give your consent, you may not to process it? personal data for direct marketing purposes,
??? agree? you can easily withdraw all or part of the processing of personal data at any time
Action?. To do this, you can: a) notify your refusal e. in the two messages you receive,
in the ways indicated in the newsletter (e.g. in subscriptions, by clicking in the newsletter
links? ?Unsubscribe to the newsletter? from sending the newsletter." or similar), or (b) send us a request (b) or by clicking on the following link
to the e-mail address specified in the Privacy Policy. In the request, you must clearly indicate your name.
and name. If you wish to do so, please indicate your preference. to withdraw your consent? In this way, we can
simply provide identification identification documents.
6.8 If you withdraw your consent, we will endeavour to terminate your consent as soon as possible.
processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes.
6.9. personal data?
or provide information? about our work? personal data we process, so we want you to
we would also do the following, such as example? you must specify separately.
How do we use cookies?
7.1. Do we collect information? about you by using cookies and similar
technology. Cookies are small files that are temporarily stored in ? J?s? event stands? disk? and
allows us to recognize you on subsequent visits to the Site, to store a person's membership history,
options, customize content, speed up searches on the Site, and create a user-friendly experience. and
friends? The site environment, presenting it? more efficiently and reliably. Cookies ? ?poor
the practice of membership of websites, which facilitates the use of the website.
7.2. Can we use cookies to collect ?i? information?: The IP address of the Internet connection used
type of member, type of visit Number of visits to the Site, number of pages read, time,
time spent on the Site, demographic data and, if you arrived ? Site? i? third party
website ? the URL link of the page.
7.3 Do we get cookies? information? (a) for verification purposes.
Site functionality? (e.g. to enable you to use the personalisation of the Site); b)
to be able to use the Website? to improve and develop it so that it is even more relevant? Your? needs; c)
Service? d) for targeted marketing orientation.
7.4 We may, without the need for legal action, combine the information obtained using cookies,
with information obtained about you by other means (e.g. information about the use of
The site is combined with the J?s? the personal data provided).
7.5 The following cookies may be used on the Website: a) technical cookies ? These are cookies that
are essential for the functioning of the Website; b) functional cookies ? are cookies which, although not essential, are not
for the functioning of the website, but also significantly improves its performance and quality. and user experience? experience; c)
Analytical cookies ? These are cookies that are used by visitors to the Website. navigation methods?
for statistical analysis; ?i? cookie? the data collected are used anonymously; d)
Targeting or advertising cookies ? These are cookies that are used to show
offers or other? information that may be relevant? (e) social (e) networking? cookies ? these are
cookies that are necessary to use the Site information in your social profile account.

7.6 Agreed? You can give your consent to the use of cookies in the following ways: a) by not reading it? a) by giving a cookie; b) by using a cookie; c) by clicking on a cookie; d) by
without changing your online membership settings so that it is not accepted? cookies; b)
Click on the link (bar) about cookies on the website. ? "I agree";
7.7 They may at any time refuse to give us permission? to use cookies. To do this
You can do this by changing the settings of your web member so that it does not accept it. cookies.
How to do this is up to you? the operating system you use and the internet
the narrators. And ourselves? information? about cookies, their? use, opt-out options, please see or
7.8 In some cases, especially technical cases, the and functional? cookies? connection, disagreement with the
a cookie or a j? Deleting cookies can slow down the speed of your online experience, restrict certain
Site features? operation, block access? access to the Site.
Who do we provide them to? Personal Data?
8.1 We warrant that YOUR? personal data will not be sold, provided or otherwise
transferred to third parties without lawful justification or used for other purposes,
than they were collected. We will not pass on to you? personal data in any way other than to
in accordance with ?ia Privacy Policy. However, we reserve the right to do so. to provide information?
about you, if we are obliged to do so? as provided for in the procedure or if we are required to do so?
demand it? by a judicial authority acting in a legal capacity or by a criminal authority? prosecuting?
enforcing authorities.
8.2. We may pass on to You? personal data to companies assisting us in carrying out
activities, as well as directly marketing. I? such? partners? we require that you?
the data would be? processed only according to the measure? the instructions given and the valid rules of the European Commission? data?
protects? by the legislation that controls them.
8.3. we may disclose the data we collect about you to the following third parties: a)
services for third parties providers (e.g. technical services) services to providers in the performance of the measurements
contracts with services? service providers, when reading service contracts performance? as part of the newsletters sending
or kit? marketing activities? (b) the third (b) the following service? to providers of marketing services which services
commonly used for data storage, telecommunications, etc. and web hosting
8.4. service? the service provided? the possibility of to use their? data is limited ? they are
can't ?i? use the data for purposes other than services for the purpose of providing us with the information.
How long do we keep them? Personal Data?
9.1. personal data for no longer than is necessary for processing
the purposes or as provided for by law, if they provide for a longer retention period
9.2 We aim not to keep outdated, obsolete? personal data and therefore
only relevant information is stored after updating. Historic? information is protected if it is
legal act required procedure or measure? to carry out their activities.

9.3. in Section 5.1 of the Privacy Policy, separately for each purpose of using personal data
indicate the J?s? the time limits for storing personal data.
How do we protect them? Personal Data?
10.1 The data we collect i? It will be within the territory of the European Union (EU).
10.2 Unfortunately, the transmission of information over the internet is not always secure. Although we are very
try to protect them? personal data, we cannot verify the security of the data when
Are you transmitting data ? Website? ? Do you accept the transfer of data ? Site?
related? risk?. When we get J?s? data, we will apply strict procedures and security
the means that J?s? data be? protected from unauthorised access.
10.3. If you get into a jam? the circumstances are less than ideal and we find out about Jesus? person
a data security concern that can be a significant risk. threatening? Is it? rights or freedoms,
we will inform you immediately as soon as we are informed. and identify what information
I?orin?s Svetain?s
11.1 The Website may contain a link to the following ? other websites ? web sites? business partners?
websites or sites that advertise our services? goods and/or services. By following
by such references ? which ? any? site, please note? ? that some sites and
the services available through them have their own separate privacy policies and we do not assume
responsibilities or obligations? u? Any politician or public official on websites or in the provision of services
the personal data collected, for example contact or location data. Please forward
Which policies are available to? by submitting personal data on websites or using any
what services.
What rights do you have?
12.1 When processing personal data, we check your personal data. rights under the GDPR and Lithuanian
The Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania. How does the protection of personal data?
Subject You have the following rights: a) to request (be informed) of your personal data?
processing; b) to access their personal data that we process; c) to request
to correct or amend, clarify or correct any inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete statements made by J?s? personal data;
(d) require the destruction of personal data when they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were
(e) require the destruction of personal data if they are unlawfully processed or when
you accept your consent for the processing of personal data or you do not give such
f) to object to the processing of personal data or to withdraw from the processing of personal data
duot? consent; g)require the suspension (after having been granted custody) of your? personal data?
processing operations, if there are disputes or if the right to process data needs to be checked,
the accuracy of the data, as well as in cases where we no longer need it? personal data, but
You do not want us to destroy them; h) require production if technically appropriate,
by J?s? by permission? or collected for the purposes of the performance of the contract by YOU? personal data easily
in a readable format or to request their transfer to another data controller.
12.2 We will endeavour to guarantee your rights as a data subject of personal data.
?living? and to set up all the necessary levels for the effective implementation of these rights, but we

we reserve the right? not to enforce the J?s? requirements where it is necessary to check: a) what we have found
legal? responsibilities? (b) the exercise of public security (b) public security or defence; (c) public law and order, criminal offences
Doing? prevention, investigation, detection or punishable? (d) important State matters
economic or financial interests; (e) breach of official or professional ethics
prevention, investigation and research (f) J?s? or other? (f) the rights of another person? and liberty? protection.
12.3. right? You may make claims against us in relation to the implementation of
in person, by mail or electronically communication? means. Receive? J?s? your request, we may
simply provide identification identification documents, as well as other additional documents that we need
practice-related? information.
12.4. Gav? J?s? request, we will respond to you no later than within 30 calendar days.
days? from J?s? receipt of the request and still? the documents necessary to reply?
the date of submission.
12.5 If we deem it necessary, we will suspend you. processing of the data by
storage, pending the decision of the Court of Justice? the case. You have the right to make the donations. consent, we
immediately but no later than 30 calendar days within 30 calendar days? we will terminate your contract? personal data?
processing actions, as set out in Clause 12.2 of this Privacy Policy and in the legal acts? set out at
cases, i.e. when we are obliged to continue to manage them? data under applicable law, we are
the legal obligations incumbent on the court Decisions or binding authorities given to us?
12.6 Refuse? to carry out the J?s? claim, we will clearly state the reasons for such refusal
the basics?.
12.7. actions or response ? J?s? the appeal, YOUR mother? actions and
you can complain to the competent public authority.
Who can you complain to?
13.1 If you wish to lodge a complaint with the Council, you must processing, please submit it to please write to,
giving as much information as possible, using the information at the end of this policy
contact details. We will work with you and endeavour to contact you promptly
to resolve any issues.
13.2 If you consider that under the GDPR, you are not obliged to make any rights have been infringed, you may submit
complaints? to the judicial authority ? the State Data Protection Inspectorate, although, nevertheless
First, we will try to resolve all disputes together with you.
How will the Privacy Policy be amended?
14.1 All mies? Changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website. If necessary,
They have been reported to you. New Privacy Policy may also be made available to
Website and you may need to read and agree to them in order to proceed
to use the Site and/or the measurements? services.
How to contact us?

15.1 Please send all documents related to this Privacy Policy to the following
contacts: by sending an e-mail ?