Our happy customers

I would like to thank you and your fine men once again for your help in moving the sauna, and at the same time I am sending you a review. I had actually been dreaming of having my own sauna for years, but it was only when I moved into my new house that my dream became a reality. As I have wanted a sauna for a long time, I chose long and carefully. I had the opportunity to see the bathhouses of Eskalada at at least a few exhibitions in Kaunas, such as Kaziukas Fair and "Ką pasėsi..". I liked the fact that Mr Vaclovas told me in detail about the whole process of sauna production, what the construction consists of, etc. I was also interested in the products of other companies producing similar saunas, but Eskalada is the only one to offer saunas with an additionally insulated roof and an additionally insulated steam room as standard. I finally decided to choose an Eskalada sauna when I visited the company's workshop and saw how professionally and meticulously everything is done. It is not for nothing that they are the only company that offers a 3-year guarantee for similar saunas. My sauna is 5 metres long with a side entrance, and the heart of the sauna is a Finnish Aito Tunel ST20 stove. We have been using it for half a year now and so far only good feedback. It is the ideal sauna for family needs and I can confidently recommend it to everyone.


Gediminas Juškevičius

Good afternoon, we are very satisfied with the sauna and use it quite often. We are very happy that we chose your product, which not only decorated our yard but also fulfilled our wishes. We will advertise it to our friends and other guests and offer them the same. If sometimes a part or a plaque breaks, could we ask you for help?


Gražina Uogintienė

Good day, we bought a sauna from you and we are very satisfied. We are very happy with our sauna.


Ema Stonkuvienė

The team works well and is friendly, the company name is visible from the road..


Dovydas Tverijonaitis